Complaints Handling Policy Statement


H.W.Kaufman Group Europe B.V (HWKEU) strives to have good relationships with it’s clients. That is why it is important to us that you are satisfied with the services we provide. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.

Why does HWKEU have a complaints procedure?

To HWKEU a customer is part of an enduring relationship. We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong, or there may be times when a customer is disappointed or dissatisfied and needs to make a complaint. Please inform HWKEU of this so that we can make every effort to resolve this and improve our services.

This procedure describes how you can submit a complaint and how HWKEU deal with that complaint.

How can you submit a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with any mediation activities of HWKEU, for example, our advice, our administrative process or the approach of our staff, you can complain in a variety of ways; by letter, email, telephone or in person.

All complaints should be addressed to:

The Compliance Officer,
H.W. Kaufman Group Europe B.V
1 Minster Court,
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7AA

You are always welcome to pass on any remarks or complaints to one of our other staff members, or to ask any questions. Please inform our staff of the insurance and policy number that your remark, complaint or question relates to. You may have already thought of a solution to resolve your complaint, if so, please inform us of that.

How will we deal with your complaints?

Once we have received your complaint we will send you a prompt written confirmation of receipt. We will discuss your complaint internally with the responsible staff and, within two weeks, you will receive a reasoned reply from us. In this reply we will either offer redress or remedial action or reject hte ocmplaint and give reasons why.

If you do not agree with our point of view, you will have the opportunity to submit your complaint to the Kifid in The Hague.

What is the Kifid?

The Kifid is the Financial Services Complaints Institute. It can be found at You can take your complaint to the Kifid if you are a consumer or a small business and your complaint has not been resolved in the way that you had hoped. HWKEU is affiliated with the Kifid.
HWKEU considers the decision of the Kifid to be binding and that means that HWKEU will abide by the decisions made by the Kifid.